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Virtual V8 Supercars Championship

The Virtual V8 Supercar Championship is the pinnacle of virtual touring car racing is sponsored by

The Virtual V8 Supercar championship is run by the Touring Pro Series, and there will be 10 races throughout the season.

All 10 races in the Virtual V8 Supercar championship will be broadcast LIVE, so checkout either the Touring Pro Series website or log onto the GamePOD Facebook page for all the latest news and details.


Drivers, cars & game

The Virtual V8 Supercar Championship has attracted drivers from all round the world, including UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East and Australia. Making this championship one of the most popular and sought after for sim racers worldwide.

The cars used are exactly the same as the race cars used in the real V8 Supercars Championship with the choice of the awesome V8 Ford Falcon or the mighty V8 Holden Commodore. Both Legends when it comes to touring cars.

The platform is PC based and running the game R Factor, which is one of the best Sim Racing platforms on the market today. Making GamePOD, Touring Pro Series and R Factor the ideal partners. For more information on R Factor log onto their website

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LIVE race broadcasts

All 10 rounds of the Virtual V8 Supercar Championship are broadcast LIVE. If you missed them LIVE you can watch them on either our GamePOD Videos page our on our Youtube page.


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